step beyond self

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The 4th natural division is the period of our spiritual ripening. Exclusive attention to self has been transcended, its capacities remaining inclusively within soul. Soul begins to move into and merge with Spirit. You could just as easily say that Spirit begins to move into and merge with soul. They are just words, after all- pointing us toward understanding. The Being mode becomes fully engaged. Renunciation, the “gesture of surrender,” becomes our natural state of being. Ripening is a beautiful time. we no longer think of meaning as something to be found but as something to be lived. As we enter deeper levels of Being, meaning exists in each act, thought, and moment of aliveness.   ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

when we pray and linger in the honest recollection of our own listless spirit….ahhh, then we are moved…..

inquiry for today~   where do you Enter? what is your gift of Spirit?

how I find the bits of white


what you have already been given

to blossom in you

and open at greater and greater


~Sogyal Rinpoche


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