self study

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We cannot really experience anything without being present to it. True presence requires that we be attentive to what is happening here and now. It is an offering of our awareness, our participation, and our willingness. This is a basic and profound courtesy. By such courtesy we are deeply transformed.  ~Gunilla Norris

to just sit in your experience can be daunting and misunderstood……this is why we call in all of the soft and kind common courtesies toward ourselves….

inquiry for today~   where can you ease up on yourself a little today? notice how life shifts and then what?

how do you know what you know?

Every time we make a mindful step, we are engaged in an act of enlightenment. We can be enlightened about the fact that we are making a step. Each step can have beauty in it.    ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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