true abiding


If we meet together in harmony and respect, if we care for the vulnerable among us, tend to the environment and respect our citizens and neighbors, we will thrive and prosper. A strong and stable society arises through mutual generosity, not gross inequity. In the Long Discourses, the Buddha states that poverty gives rise to theft, violence and other crimes. He states that simple punishment alone cannot suppress crime. Instead he teaches us to transform the causes, “the economic conditions of the people should be improved: seed grain and help should be available to farmers, support provided for business people, adequate wages paid to workers. When the people are thus provided for, there will be contentment, and the country will be peaceful and free from crime.” This is not just an idealistic vision. It is the way for happiness to prevail.   ~Jack Kornfield

we need many lights to guide us now… teach us how to respond in unprecedented times…..

inquiry for today~   how will you meet this complicated time?  how will you offer dignity?

from the deep

When times of great difficulty visit us, how should we meet them? And the answer is, “Welcome.”    ~David Loy

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