ordinary love


Don’t say what is the use

of me alone being peaceful

when everyone is fighting

you are not one

you are a thousand

just light your lantern


the dark side of bliss lies in the expectancy of more……may calm abiding offer its ways…..

inquiry for today~   what simple acts can you refine into meditation for healing today?

hierarchy of love

The ordinary moments of our daily life may appear commonplace, but in reality they are not so; they carry enormous significance. To polish a pair of shoes, to serve a helping of apple pie, to break bread, to chop firewood- these can be lordly activities. Any action performed with a sense of reverence, of care and of pleasure, can become what I would call a sacrament.  It is the worship of the moment’s duration, inviolate, detached, and passionate. It is the observation of the sunlight on a blade of grass, the worship of the day’s most commonplace events: I draw water, I carry wood, this is my magic.   ~John Lane

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