holy integration


It’s important, in terms of being grateful to everyone, to realize that no slogan, no meditation practice, nothing that you can hear in the teachings is a solution. We’re evolving. We will always be learning more and more, continually opening further and further. It is good to open your mind so that each situation is completely fresh. It’s as if you’ve never been there before, a completely new take. But even with this approach, you can get trapped. Helping yourself or someone else has to do with opening and just being there, that’s how something happens between people. But it’s a continuous process. That’s how you learn. You can’t open just once. This kind of learning is a continual journey of wakefulness.    ~Pema Chodron

and when the sacrament of freedom is in your hands, open again and again…….offer your humility, trust, and seeds for the greater good…..

inquiry for today~   and here and now, where are you open? and where are you closed?

never betrayed

How can I awaken to God? Do I need a religion to do this? You awaken to God the same way you get to Carnegie Hall: practice. Here are some of the practices I do daily: walking, lovingkindness meditation, studying sacred texts, mantra repetition, and self-inquiry. You can find variations of these practices in every religion, or you can create your own practice without joining any religion. The key isn’t belonging to a religion but committing to a practice.   ~Rabbi Rami Shapiro

2 thoughts on “holy integration

  1. Good post. I follow Rabbi Rami on face book, have read some of his books, and attended a Weekend Seminar on Spiritual Writing that he gave. Totally agree with this from him. Hope you are well.

    • love the groundedness in the instruction to “practice”…..it is what I always heed…..the humility of not-knowing and beginner’s mind……peace to you Eileen….

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