essential for mercy


I have lived large parts of my life in wonderful circumstances that I utterly failed to appreciate. Reasons to be happy were everywhere, but somehow I didn’t connect with them. It was as though I was eating but couldn’t taste the food. Finally, I’ve learned to celebrate the good while it’s happening. Happiness is not what happens when everything goes the way you think it should go; happiness is what happens when you decide to be happy. So those who have learned to be happy are often those who have suffered most. Gratitude is essential happiness. Developing a grateful attitude- knowing that every time we arrive somewhere safely, we have something to be happy about; every time our children rush up to us and smile, we have something to be happy about; every time we get out of bed and can take a deep breath and go out for a walk, we have something to be happy about- that is the essence of a happy existence.

~Marianne Williamson

when we forget about ourselves as entitled and “clear on our values” we gain new ability and insight toward the powerful practice of “being with”……the middle way….true and strong and tender….

inquiry for today~   where are your new beginnings leading you this month?  how does that inform those tiny moments of feeling thankful?

humble warrior

January is a time to bring the gifts of the past forward into our present and future. The month brings with it the opportunity to reopen to life and embrace it with renewed enthusiasm, hope, and childlike wonder. Here at the start, let us set the intention to take note of each blessing, learning, mercy, and protection as we find it, to celebrate it well, and to enter frequently and joyfully into the life-changing state of being that is gratitude.

~Angeles Arrien

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