what burns under your feet


We are matter, kindred with ocean and tree and sky. We are flesh and blood and bone. To sink into that is a relief, a homecoming. Mind and spirit are as physical as they are mental. The line we’d drawn between them was whimsy, borne of the limits of our understanding. Emotions and memories, from despair to gladness, root in our bodies. Our bodies are longing and joy and fear and a lifelong desire to be safe and loved, incarnate. Philosophers and physicians didn’t mean to divide us up. It’s what we do instinctively with great truths- we take them to extremes. We try to control this messy reality we are, tugged and torn by desires and needs and holes we fill with excess. Now, we’re bringing our sense of ourselves back to earth. We’re tethering our yearning for wholeness to the physiology we’ve known about for a while, the neurons we’re just leaning to see. Physical, emotional, and spiritual are more entangled than we guessed, more interactive in every direction, and this knowledge is a form of power.    ~Krista Tippett

how. to. be.

inquiry for today~   notice all of the connections and relationships throughout your life…..then connect back to earth….how do you do that?

soul dissonance

Now is the time to listen within,
tend our inner garden mindfully
until new flowers,
new blessings can blossom.
~ Hermann Hesse

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