being in slow motion


You are already enlightened,

the only question is:

how long will it take you to realize this fact?


we tend to lose our edges to the fuzzy routines of complacency….

inquiry for today~   abruptly leave from a moment in your day….like you were suddenly and unexpectedly left at the train station….now what will you do?

how I found you

How do you begin your day? What is the mood you set? How do you end your day? What rituals lift your spirit, and what ones may be diminishing it? Thoughts and words are the powerful beginning of a chain that defines how we live. Knowledge of what makes a life happy and purposeful means little if this knowledge is not translated into action. Knowing the secrets will not change your life, living them will.

~John Izzo

2 thoughts on “being in slow motion

  1. “There’s many a slip tween the acts and the lip.” Easy to give intellectual assent, not so easy to internalize it. I’m still at the train station, wondering if there’s a good restaurant nearby. 🙂 You can tell my priorities.

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