the fast track


We are all part of a universal unfolding, with many influences co-creating our lives. The deeper we go into a creative relationship with our experience, we begin to realize that we have tremendous powers.

The paradox is that in order to access these powers, we have to live in service to the great unfolding, and enter a great humility, full of wonder and surrender. It’s a different power than trying to build ourselves up with affirmations like “I’ve got the power”, “I’ve got the confidence”, “I have to do it right” or “I’m going to do it better than”.

All of that moves us away from the power that is available to us. In the humbleness of realizing what we are part of and made of, we begin to surf the big miracle of life itself.

~ Chameli Ardagh

and where are you now? in the bigness of your life…..and maybe it’s a lifelong paradox… may want to honor that….

inquiry for today~   what feels really big today?


Beyond all that pain has taught

me, the soft well at the base of

time has opened, and life

touching me there

has turned me into a flower

that prays for rain. Now

I understand: to blossom

is to pray, to wilt and shed

is to pray, to turn to mulch

is to pray, to stretch in the dark

is to pray, to break surface

after great months of ice

is to pray, and to squeeze love

up the stalky center toward the

sky with only dreams of color

is to pray, and finally to unfold

again as if never before

is to be the prayer.

 ~Mark Nepo


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