promise & emergence


Following our hearts may involve quieting other voices that may want us to follow their dream. Being true to our self often involves hearing the one voice that calls us, even if others cannot heart it. There are two keys to following your heart- having the discipline to listen the courage to follow. Thus the secret is to never stop asking whether you are following your heart, whether the life you are living is truly yours. The discipline to listen means setting time aside to ask important questions. Sometimes it is only when we are forced to be quiet that we begin to see things more clearly.     ~John Izzo

resonance speaks to us as the guide with the deepest connection to grace….

inquiry for today~   allow yourself to be cared for by your wisest self… does willingness shift from there?

habitual enchantments

In our earlier years, we create a sense of self that is, hopefully, healthy enough to navigate the world and, in some senses, healthy enough to integrate the powerful transformations of spiritual practice. We begin to follow our own resonance and move- with our wounds- where grace calls us. Our pilgrimages have many names, many paths, many ways in which grace might beckon. All are healing journeys. ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

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