you know


Pausing often helps us remember and value our ability to choose.

Doing so with awareness, remembering to ask-

What’s enough here and now?

takes us deeper. We will find ourselves ripening

into another way of being. It happens

as silently and as slowly as an apple turning red.

Asking the simple question:

What will serve life today?

is a penetrating practice.

Not what will serve me, my problems, my family,

my desires, my worries.

Such questions only lead us to the realm of worry.

When we ask, What will serve life right here and now?

we  begin to live in a larger picture.

~Gunilla Norris

how do you know what you know? how do you know how to be?

inquiry for today~   give the most unconditional breadth of heart you can……but not until you can give it to yourself…..

this nuanced kaleidoscope

Every yogi, saint, and sage I know of had a Sadhana (practice). Take Mother Theresa, for example. She got up every morning and prayed to God until she heard His voice. At one point in her life, Mother Teresa and her Sisters lived in a war zone. One morning during her prayers, God told her to travel to a particular spot in the war zone in order to take care of the wounded people there. Without notice to either warring side, Mother Teresa lift in haste with the Sisters. By some incredible miracle, the fighting from both sides stopped for a few hours in the very spot they went to. Mother Theresa and her Sisters did what they could to help the people there, and when they returned home to safety, the fighting started up again. This is but one example of Mother Theresa’s Sadhana, and her mastery. What’s yours?   ~Snatam Kaur

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