how death heals us

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Those who don’t love themselves as they are rarely love life as it is either. It is natural,even instinctive to prefer comfort to pain, the familiar to the unknown. But sometimes our instincts are not wise. Life usually offers us far more than our biases and preferences will allow us to have. Beyond comfort lie grace, mystery, and adventure. We may need to let go of our beliefs and ideas about life in order to have life. The loss of an emotional or spiritual integrity may be at the source of our suffering. In a very paradoxical way, pain may point the way toward a greater wholeness and become a potent force in the healing of this suffering. No matter. We can recognize life anyway. Our life force may not require us to strengthen it. We often just need to free it where it has gotten trapped in beliefs, attitudes, judgment, and shame.    ~Rachel Naomi Remen

3 years now since my mom passed…..the journey becomes richer, deeper, with the edge of light so infused with her love……

inquiry for today~  who do you remember when you are called to pain? who dies or not? who is with you from beyond?

By withdrawing from pain, we never go deeper, we never ask, “Who dies?” Control is suffering. Control is the bars that lock us in our cage of identification with our suffering as being all we are. Openness and investigation bring us a deeper understanding of who is in pain, of the essential spaciousness of our original nature. It is that willingness to work with what is given- that deep surrender which is not defeat but victory- that allows us to let go of “the experiencer” as a victim, that begins to make room for pain without some separate “sufferer” who is scrambling to be elsewhere. It allows a melting into the One. The examination of the resistance to pain is an examination of the resistance to life. The exploration of pain becomes a passageway back into life.   ~Stephen Levine

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