the buzz of spring buds


When you see the pink blossoms unfurl,

their five petals cupped around light,

yellow stamens, soft leaves budding

form new growth, your heart can’t help but open

to the notes tumbling

through the air. Mistletoe wedded

to a branch puts forth its spiraling green,

whiffs of heady scent rise from

wisteria gone wild in riotous glory

up and down every oak, bay, fir, and ;plum

lining the lane, each upright

petal shimmering like a fire-

then you have touched heaven and all

you touch is now made whole.

~Raphael Block

going for a long walk and then listening to great music and resting… but it’s a sweet (the sweetest) memory….

inquiry for today~  where are you pulled away from the task at hand into sweet reverie?

looking back

Like light in the sun

spilling out of the sun,

the spirit within

beams its way

through all our cracks

till our most treasured

walls come down.

The coming down

of those walls is the

blessing we crave

and resist.

The coming down of

those walls- so the light

of the soul like the light

of the sun can help the

world grow- this is

the call of calls.

~Mark Nepo

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