an outpouring of wonderment

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Meeting stillness, this inner stability, doesn’t come from making an effort to be, literally, still. Instead, it comes naturally, on its own, as we open to life at any particular moment. It’s a stillness of inclusion, a kind of stillness that embraces everything. Instead of viewing life as a ground fro constant negotiation, you start to see a certain kind of magic inherent in all of existence; there’s a mysterious grace that permeates everything. By magic, I’m referring to a sense of wonder and deep satisfaction- because life itself is so mysterious. It doesn’t unfold according to the way we think it should or even the way we want it to. If we can let go of the way we think it should be, then life starts to reveal its magical qualities.  ~Adyashanti

‘all that is’ never leaves anything out….and our existential crisis may be a deep invitation to simply unfold……

inquiry for today~  be a student of your own life today……

view of the finite

Attunement to fundamental consciousness helps you tolerate stimuli in your environment because it requires you to inhabit your body. When you live within your body, you have a felt sense of internal depth and wholeness. You can also feel the qualities of your being, such as your love, understanding, and power. This is an experience of actually existing, and of possessing yourself from the inside. This internal depth, wholeness, and quality of being cannot be broken. As your senses become refined- as you reach the subtle range of your senses- they also become unified. As you realize yourself as fundamental consciousness, you have a single, direct experience of each moment. This produces the feeling of immediacy or nowness that is associated with spiritual experience.    ~Judith Blackstone

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