of silence


Be silent in your mind, silent in your senses,

and also silent in your body.

Then, when all these are silent, don’t do anything.

In that state truth will reveal itself to you.

It will appear in front of you and ask,

“What do you want?”


in between what we consider holy and what we consider mundane….this liminal space is how we relate, how we hold ourselves in relationship…..

inquiry for today~   how do you sense the risk of intimacy? how do you initiate and appreciate the distance between yourself and a beloved?


A commitment to silence is a commitment to truth. This truth is found first in the truth of sensing. Not forgetful sensing, but being present in our sensing. When we do so, our sight is clearer, our smelling keener, our touching more intimate. This experience is not one of a stronger acuity of the senses but rather of a sensing pervaded with the holiness of the world. Commitment is the best place to start with Silence. It is then possible to move to the depths and the heights, but if we try to go to these regions first, we are assured only of illusion. We need not do anything to increase the sensitivity of our sensing other than to be present to what happens when we experience Silence in the midst of the natural world. We said that Silence gathers in nature. Instead of simply enjoying nature’s silence, however, our initial practice consists of noticing what happens when we are within the Silence, for we are within a very active presence.   ~Robert Sardello


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