to worship wholeness


When you are in accord with nature, nature will yield up its beauty- and every sacred place is the place where eternity shines through time.   ~Joseph Campbell

what is unified and sacred for us is connected to others’ own strength and blessings….

inquiry for today~   believe in your vision for today…….feed a little ritual into it……

primordial ritual

Jewish mystics say that the most exalted mystical states circle back to the simplicity of each day’s prayers. In the kabbalah, the most sublime meditations of timeless awareness, called “binah” and “cochma” must be connected back to a life of daily generosity and devotion. The highest states of the Divine inevitably return us to our family and our prayers, to the lighting of the weekly sabbath candles and the holy practices of service and forgiveness. “As above, so below” is the mystic’s formula.   ~Jack Kornfield

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