I followed, then the becoming

1-DSC04687 2.JPG

white cherry

spring’s copper potlatch, cascade of sunlight

showering crimson light on the pavement

and cloud swiftly crossing each brief mirror

underfoot where light-trapped rain has puddled,

this white cherry with her charcoal branches,

blossom brimming-over yet not falling.

a Jacob’s ladder poised between the wet

earth and steely sky, seems to contain all

the wisdom of time and timelessness, holds

this wisdom still in her white canopy

not giving nor withholding, nor speaking

nor silent, she towers above me, I

wide awake, alive with inner sight, feel

how we are blessed, to share this world with trees.

~Jeni Couzyn

your opening is not dependent upon anything really……how wonderful to know that our own vanishing moments of life and mystery can simply happen……

inquiry for today~   list your strengths today…….any shifts noted? can you bring your world back to groundless wonderment?

our earliest knowings

Part of our spiritual work is to sustain the gift of our sensitivity, and to exercise the faith that our sensitivity will reveal itself as the source of our strength.   ~Mark Nepo

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