the map & the journey

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Looking down over the darkening, thankfully uneternal city, the discourse about our present and our possible future is made strangely beautiful by the privilege of walking amidst the decay and disappearance of so many past futures,a s if we are being forgiven already for our too specific hopes when the general beautifying hand of time puts everything into such a multi-layered and satisfyingly unspecific perspective. Everything saying, sotto voce, that though we have our moment in the sun, we might be best understood, might even be most ourselves, as a beautiful ruin, most real when we are on our way out, or even gone altogether.

Rome is a series of interpretations of the past attempted by each fleeting present. Only in maturity do we begin to understand that whatever citadel of thought or identity we have built and proudly displayed to others, whatever monuments to our achievements we attempt to leave behind, none of us know the true perspective with which we will be viewed or the way in which our memory will be enjoyed, whether we are happy visitors to Italy or no, whether we walk the actual cooling streets or not, all of us will surely, if we live long enough to gain the perspective, see Rome before we die.   ~David Whyte

never underestimate the understanding from within….

inquiry for today~   the old ways of shoveling life away does not serve today……can you clear a space for life to reveal itself?

how and why and when?

Your face is now so fully turned towards this birth that, no matter what you see or hear, you can get nothing but this birth from all things. All things become simply God to your, for in all things you notice only God.   ~Meister Eckhart

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