simple doubt


With empowerment comes responsibility. There are no villains, no heroes, no gods on Mt. Olympus. No monster under the bed. Those shadows of imagination are excuses, rationalizations, justifications, stall tactics, cop-outs. Without them we are accountable. That is why our fears manifest these figments in defense, and it is why we cling to them. It is why we must let them go. I chose to let go of Blindness. I stepped out of fear’s tunnel into the wide unknown, shifting my focus from the foreground to the horizon. The terrain ahead was undefined and uncharted. Fear’s superficial struggle with Blindness was awful, but it was simple, too. Reality was far more complex.  contemplated the myriad discrete, specific challenges I would face. I had a lot to learn and a lot to figure out. Thinking about the years I’d wasted borrowing imaginary troubles and the agonies I had needlessly inflicted upon myself, I felt a deep sadness. I felt immense gratitude. Lying in bed that night, I was at peace with my confusion. I did not have the answers yet, but for the first time I had zoomed out far enough to focus on the right question. It was s a good start. I was many things, felt many emotions. But I ws not afraid. It was a good start indeed.   ~Isaac Lidsky

your search for meaning is an onslaught of misplaced initiative……submit to the power of absurdity….

inquiry for today~   and the existential knowing can lend us a reprieve……

can you hear?

Just below the compelling storyline, beneath the colorful emotional landscape, there exists a rich, mysterious world of sensations: a somatically organized field of intelligence, creativity, and aliveness. It is dizzying here, awash with particles of the unknown.

Something is pulling you, but it can be disorienting to a mind longing for resolution. The urge to return to the known, to get hold of “my life,” and to renew the dream of control can appear as overwhelm in the nervous system.

Without pathologizing the movement back to ground, allow the mind the rest, even for just a moment. Dare to consider that nothing has gone wrong, nothing need urgently be resolved, and that no answers are coming … for now.

Open instead to the sacredness of the question and the mystery that you are, that which will never be contained by an answer. For what you are is wild and unprecedented … a firestorm of presence, of heart, and a ragingly unique form that love has taken here.

Please don’t forget what you are.

~Matt Licata

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