radical you


As you practice meditation, you come to see that things are ephemeral. You see that we can’t count on things being comfortable because everything’s always changing, which leads to anguish and suffering because we think we can’t bear what’s happening. One mark of an awakened mind is that it notices that it shares this condition of being human with all other human beings on the planet. I’m really moved by our shared experience of life in this way. It makes me look around and really see the people in front of me. Everybody’s got something going on.    ~Sylvia Boorstein

we come a long way in our lives when we give into to our natural spirit….

inquiry for today~   notice where you feel stuck today and where you feel things are flowing…..how do you know the difference?

round and round

Meaning is the other path to the good life, and it’s best understood by turning to the Greek philosopher Aristotle and his concept of eudaimonia, the ancient Greek word for ‘human flourishing.’ To Aristotle, eudaimonia is not a fleeting positive emotion. Rather,it is something you do. Leading a eudaimonic life, Aristotle argued, requires cultivating the best qualities within you, both morally and intellectually. Eudaimonia is an active life, a life in which you do your job and contribute to society, a life in which you are involved in your community, a life, above all, in which you realize your potential, rather than squander your talents. If hedonia is defined as ‘feeling good,’ they argue, then eudaimonia is defined as ‘being and doing good’- and as ‘seeking to use and develop the best in oneself’ in a way that fits with ‘one’s deeper principles.’   ~Emily Esfahani Smith

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