in relationship with soul


There’s such a hope and a tendency, at least in the West, to imagine that our path or our journey should be continuously upward or progressing or maturing. It’s easy to trust the guidance or the longing when it’s really evident. But what about when that goes away- when you feel lost? Can you trust then? The word unfolding suggests letting go of the obstacles in the way of what you already are- as opposed to achieving something, attaining something, or scaling the great mountain. I think of it as a process- more of a descent than an ascent, if it’s anything. It includes everything, even not knowing whether to follow what your teacher says or not- and to trust that this is the truth of the moment.  ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

one of our most endearing and vulnerable questions centers around trusting our process….being with your inner despair…..your raw beauty……

inquiry for today~  how will you attend to the ingathering of your long awakening today?

deepen the soul

Above me, beauty.

Below me, beauty.

Before me, beauty.

Behind me, beauty.

Outside me, beauty.

Inside me, beauty.

I, beauty, walk in beauty.

~Native American prayer

2 thoughts on “in relationship with soul

  1. I always look forward to your morning message. Today I especially love the photo. Thank you for sharing your caring & the thoughtful writing you choose to share.

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