the simple & the wise


Even when awareness appears to be lost because, once again, the “me” has assumed center stage, there is awareness of that. Then awareness remembers itself and knows itself as the presence of everything that arises.  ~Joel Agee

live lesson’s at the edge of the unknown are the most cogent and thrive on our authentic questions….

inquiry for today~   where did you get lost today? did you come back to love?

more powerful than hate

Humility is the virtue of liberation from the tyranny of the self. Now we have bigger things to be about in life than personal aggrandizement. the humble, no matter how great, do not spend their lives intent on controlling the rest of their tiny little worlds. On the contrary, once we learn to let God be God, once we accept the fact that the will of God is grater, broader, deeper, more loving than our own, we are content to learn from others. We begin to see everyone around us as a lesson in living. To become open to the rest of the world, to people of other colors, to countries with other customs, to the devout of other religious traditions is the spiritual gold standard of inclusiveness. It says without doubt that I have finally accepted that I am no longer the center of the universe. I learn form humility what religion seldom teaches: that being sinless is not enough. It’s being steeped in the mind of God that is important. It’s coming to see the world as God sees the world that changes things. It’s giving my life so that the mind of God for the world might actually become the way of life for the world.  ~Joan Chittister





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