dependent on heart light

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What is the light? You are the light, with your ability to be conscious and mindful, and to act with wisdom and foresight. To serve the light means to show up- by which I mean, to be present- for yourself, as your best and highest self, and to show up for others in your life as well. When to the opportunity arises, be there to share your wisdom and to be a light for yourself and others.   ~Dawa Tarchin Phillips

and who will you be tomorrow without your pesky little shadows?

inquiry for today~   how do you know your love is real? how do you offer your most authentic self?

wild vines around the heart

I believe that there is only one kind of love- real love- trying to come alive in us despite our limiting assumptions, the distortions of our condemnation, and isolation that we tend to acquire just by living a life. All of us have the capacity to experience real love. When we see love from this expanded perspective, we can find it in the smallest moments of connection: with a clerk in the grocery store, a child, a pet, a walk in the woods. We can find it within ourselves. Real love comes with a powerful recognition that we are fully alive and whole despite our wounds or our fears or our loneliness. It is a state where we allow ourselves to be seen clearly by ourselves and by others, and in turn, we offer clear seeing to the world around us. It is a love that heals.   ~Sharon Salzbery


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