effortless yearning


Reality is not what you think it is: It’s bigger; it’s more; it’s inclusive. Your false ego wants to keep things small and under its control. But you are bigger than your little self, with all of its attachments, and anxieties, and opinions. When the false ego starts to panic and demand supremacy, when you think you are right, or that you know everything, practice saying, “I don’t know; Allah knows,” or “Not either/or, but both, and more.” Walk outside of your limited perspective; step into the open air of the big picture. The secret in life is enjoying the passage of time: Instead of clutching on to the past or fearing the future, experiment with letting go into the mystery of life. Float on the river of time curious about its direction, open to its changing nature. You don’t really know where its going, so why not relax and experience the ride?    ~Elizabeth Lesser

you have found yourself doubting life a thousand times……maybe there’s a way to pause….

inquiry for today~   deepen your grounding by feeling held by the earth as you look to the sky…..


We are reluctant to let go until we are completely certain that we are at the end of our metaphoric rope. Even then, we hold on. When we feel held by something greater, however, it is much easier to trust and let go. Psychological conditioning can contribute to or detract from the sense of being held. If we have had a secure attachment with a caretaker and no major trauma growing up, the sense of being held is easier to access and sustain. Yet this sense does not originate from or depend upon having been well parented. It is always available.   ~John Prendergast

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