the story that holds us


“You point out something that’s very simple, but really striking and unsettling in good ways and bad. That even when the miracle is of a life restored, that is always a temporary restoration. And you say that most of the time, perhaps, a miracle can only be the resurrection of love beside the unchanged fact of death.”

This is a continual argument I have with Christianity. I always felt that it was answering a question I wasn’t asking. If you decide that the most important thing, the highest possible value, is life- breath in the body and walking around and eating sandwiches and whatever- then you’re lost. Then you’ve lost. Because we’re all going to die. So then you have to posit this whole other set of things that you can’t see and you can’t connect with. As I said, I’m a practical person. I want to be able to see it and I want to be able to do it. So if I posit instead that the most important thing is love, then what I have is, yes, I have a world that’s full of suffering and evil and pain. And I have something to do. I have something to look for, and I have something to do. For me that works better.

~Krista Tippett & Kate Braestrup

living close to the bone is not about an unflinching reaction to the coarse impasse, but rather an unflinching awareness of the moment…..

inquiry for today~   see yourself as a warrior of the dark… there……

flying without landing

Men go forth to wonder at the heights of mountains,

the huge waves of the sea,

the broad flow of the rivers,

the vast compass of the ocean,

the courses of the stars,

and they pass by themselves without wondering.

~Saint Augustine

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