what the broken-hearted know

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Motivation born of authentic compassion is not a social duty so much as a desire to enable others to find a better way to live and love in the world. Compassionate action in the world often takes the form of teaching and healing. A deepening commitment to love in everyday life is certainly not limited to formal spiritual practice. It can be found in the dedicated service of ordinary men and women of all creeds and no creed. Love is described in different ways at different times and in different places, according to varying cultural assumptions, yet it can be found anywhere, wherever one sees with spiritual vision. Clarity is a quality of spiritual vision that is necessary for discernment on a path of love. Since love is reflected everywhere, the source is not to be confused with the manifestation. If the source is perceived to be in the object, then one becomes attached to the object. When the source is discovered within, love is everywhere.   ~Frances Vaughan

we may only touch on the slightest unitive mystery of love in our lifetime…..

inquiry for today~   how can the love in your life draw you into the day right in front of you?

no love without the earth turning

The circuit of love then becomes complete, as the soul of love returns to the Source of Love. Love pours into love, races into love, expands into love, and finds only love. Human love then realizes that it has always belonged completely to Divine Love.   ~Lex Hixon

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