the nature of things


When in the exercise of his powers of observation man undertakes to confront the world of nature, he will at first experience a tremendous compulsion to bring what he finds there under his control. Before long, however, these objects will thrust themselves upon him with such force that he, in turn, must feel the obligation to acknowledge their power and pay homage to their effects.


may you know your own heart’s worth when it divines you into the deepest well……

inquiry for today~    what is most special? and can you trust this trail from birth to death?

your own transparency

Like all developed human skills, it takes years of exploring and experimenting with the perceptual capacities of the heart for it to become sophisticated, just as it takes years to develop fluency with verbal language. Still, there is a great power in the world around us. It has not disappeared just because we no longer notice it. Redeveloping the capacity for heart-centered cognition can help each of us reclaim personal perception of the living and sacred intelligence within the world, within each particular thing. It moves us from a rational orientation in a dead, mechanized universe ot one in which the unique perceptions of the heart are noticed and strengthened, to a deep experience of the living soulfulness of the world. As the process continues to deepen, it strengthens our spiritual sensitivity and, in the process, helps us gain a deeper understanding of our own sacredness.

~Stephen Buhner


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