hold to the truth


Before the inexplicable mystery of the universe, we are all the village fools. But in our choices to reveal our hearts to ourselves and to each other, we can all be masters and healers.     ~Agapi Stassinopoulos

when we unfold moment by moment, we live into the messiness of our lives with the utmost and sincere bone of living…….

inquiry for today~  be real today…….

a fire in the belly

Mysteriously, we’re drawn to what we need to learn. We’re drawn to live in the world till the fire within meets the fire without. We’re drawn to move through all the invisible barriers to find what we love, to love what we love, and to save what we love. I’m drawn to this conclusion, this beginning, this spirited refrain: that the inevitable journey of being a spirit on Earth is to love things dearly enough that in time we become a nameless part of what we love. Until we’re left with the noble effort to voice and affirm what we touch and know when closest to life, for as long as we can.    ~Mark Nepo

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