everyday rapture


The continual use of the heart as an organ of perception leads to refinement of the process until it becomes much more elegant and dependable than any scientific approach.    ~Stephen Buhner

sensing this fear and the possibility of release……open and whole and true….

inquiry for today~   where is the heart when you forget?

when it’s not ok

The seeds of wisdom, peace, and wholeness are within each of our difficulties. Our awakening is possible in every activity. At first we may sense this truth only tentatively. With practice it becomes living reality. Our spiritual life can open a dimension of our being where each person we meet can teach us like the Buddha and whatever we touch becomes gold. To do this we must make our very difficulties the place of our practice. then our life becomes not a struggle with success and failure but a dance of the heart. It is up to us.    ~Jack Kornfield

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