layers of belief

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Find the point of radiance

in your heart. Whether

that be passion, pleasure,

or pain so deep it’s etched

in blood, follow where

your true heart leads.

When it seems there is no

light, look carefully,

for it is always there,

that ember of the God-force.

It may be hidden in a dim

corner or buried beneath

a pile of regrets, but it’s

there nonetheless, that

spark of divine essence,

illuminating your next step.

~Danna Faulds

and when you realized how your heart is beating, then what?

inquiry for today~   forget yourself for a little while…..remember your heart inside……

and the matter remains

Each moment that touches us is a window to the vastness of life. Somewhere along the way, probably from exhaustion, I stopped trying to make these moments last. I stopped trying to keep the wonder from vanishing. I began to see that trying so hard to keep our moments of love, mystery and wonder from going back into the unseen depth of life is like trying to keep a whale from re-entering the sea once it’s breached the surface. Better to have windows that face the sea. We’re each left to live our days with the window of our heart open, so that grace has a way in. Whenever the majesty of life presents itself, it’s our humble, simple work to open our window and receive it, fully, with gratitude. Ultimately, each of us is a window through which the great forces of life enter, the way light fills a home. Through us, the Source of Life can revive those who are bruised and those who are waiting to find their way. So, hard as it is at times, love your window open, and become the opening itself until your walls come down. When the walls come down, the opening is everywhere.    ~Mark Nepo

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