forget discernment- be steadfast

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Essentially, wisdom is that we don’t throw away any part of our experience. Whatever it is, there’s something that can be nourishing, that can help our progress on the path. So we try to stay open to whatever our experience is and what meaning it might have for us. The nature of confusion, too, is wisdom- the emptiness teachings allow us to stand in our experience and be a bit less fearful of it; we have a little less need to push it away. Because we have the sense that there’s nothing that can ultimately do us harm, we can be with it and have a chance to discover its wisdom.    ~Ari Goldfield

can the honest pursuit of “being” be reconciled with our equal ability to check out?

inquiry for today~  don’t make it too pretty……just be aware of your truth……

the crazy wild

One of the central elements of experience emptiness is unseating the self as the center of the universe- and, in fact, unseating humanity from the center of the universe. It’s having the diminishment of, or at least a momentary dissolution of, self-centeredness. If we can root ourselves in the experience of emptiness, then self-centeredness and clawing ambition diminish. We can allow others to be themselves, knowing that ultimately there’s no difference between us and reality. This is particularly important as we address the toxic delusions that underlie the injustices associated with race, gender, sex, and other dimensions of our humanity that are so prevalent in our society. The teachings of emptiness teach us to respect and value the uniqueness and particularity, to understand the otherness of another as well as how profoundly interrelated we are. The more we align with ourselves, the less we create problems for ourselves and others and can be awakened by all the dimensions of our life instead of seeing them as obstacles.      ~Daijaku Kinst

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