fly into the wind


Be comfortable with your uncomfortableness. Do not ignore it or try to make it go away. Honor it. We are encouraged to not have unresolved items in our inventory, to not have lingering feelings. If we dare do, we should get fixed so as not to have these threads in our fabric. They are viewed by some as negatives, weaknesses, symptoms of failure. This is a wrong perspective. It negates the full life that you have lived- and continue to live. It comes from someone else; someone else who is uncomfortable with their own uncomfortableness and therefore yours as well. This perspective does not belong to you. It isn’t yours. Do not pick up their baggage. Uncomfortableness has played an important role in your growing, your changes, your learning, your discovery, your survival, your achievements, your creations, and your love. Uncomfortableness means that you have experiences that span the breadth of living a full life. It means that you have traversed rich times, trying times, joyous times, calm times, stormy times- all times. Recognize this level of living and honor it. Be comfortable with your uncomfortableness.   ~Carol Dunton

just sit with it all. dare. to be.

inquiry for today~   have you been given the grace of living big? living truthfully?

those unloved bits

Religious and spiritual traditions have borne wisdom across time, though in charged cultural spaces they can become parodies of themselves. When I speak of these things, I’m speaking of places where we pay essential humanity an attention unmatched in our other disciplines- our capacities to love and take joy, our capacities to damage and deceive, the inevitability of failure and finitude, the longing to be of service. I love the deep savvy about hope that religion tends, its reverence for the undervalued virtue of beauty, its seriousness about the common human experience of mystery. Our spiritual lives are where we reckon head-on with the mystery of ourselves, and the mystery of each other. I think a great deal about a moral equation Einstein made that is as radical in its way as his mathematical equations, if far less famous. He began his life with a profound faith in the social good of the scientific enterprise- a community of cosmic endeavor that should transcend tribal rivalries and national boundaries. Then he watched German science hand itself over to fascism. He watched chemists and physicists become creators of weapons of mass destruction. He said that science in his generation had become like a razor blade in the hands of a 3 year old. He began to see figures such as Gandhi and Moses, Jesus and Buddha and St. Francis of Assisi, as geniuses in the art of living. He proposed that their qualities of spiritual genius were more necessary to the future of human dignity, security, and joy than objective knowledge. We create transformative, resilient new realities by becoming transformed, resilient people. This is about the lover as well as the beloved, the citizen as well as the politician, the social entrepreneur as well as the person in need. It means me, and it means you.  ~Krista Tippett

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