summer shimmer


In midsummer, under the luminous
sky of everlasting light,

the laced structures of thought
fall away

like the filigrees of the white

dandelion turned pure white and

hovering at the edge of its own

discovery in flight. I’ll do the same,

the shimmering dispersal of tented

lodge in the tangled landscape

the least discrimination. So let my own

escape the burning fall of ambition,

through the hushed air, let them spread

into the tangled part of life that refuses
to be set straight.

Herod searched for days looking for
the children.

The mind’s hunger for fame will hunt down
all innocence.

Let them find safety in the growing wild.
I’ll not touch them there.

~David Whyte

to pause in the languid summer sun is to honor your own cycles and recommit to joy….

inquiry for today~    what calls in the summer breeze? where will you rest in the day?


We depend through the whole of life on the support of others. Our dependency is not a cause for despair but rather leads to a sense of wonderment and gratitude, which is the moving force of true spirituality.

~David Brazier

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