heart. aches.

1-Pics for Blog Edits491

Having befriended ourselves, we can offer our heart to others. We share in their joy and we share in their suffering. there are many types of suffering, and if we can become familiar with the many ways we suffer, then we will be more comfortable accommodating and embracing the suffering of others. First we attend to our demons. Then we befriend our demons. Then we grow to love our demons. When we can truly love our demons, we grow to love all aspects of who we are. At some point in that process, we learn to see and attend to the demons of others.   ~Lodro Rinzler

oh to love, love, love, in the fierce openness of personal truth…..

inquiry for today~   you notice how to rejoice in the pure longing of heartbreak…..

to be available

A human being is a storytelling machine. The self is a story.

~Paul Brooks

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