are you real?


Because people try to conquer others instead of gaining victory over themselves, there are problems. The Buddha taught that one should simply gain victory over oneself.

~Sayadaw U Pandita

you age with your memories and your delusions and your momentum….

inquiry for today~   speak slowly, mindfully… if you are becoming whole again…..

dizzying change

“Look at all those just-past-their-prime roses outside the window,” I said. “They are dying, and two days ago they were beautiful. It’s so sad.”  “Transiency is what is true,” Joseph Goldstein replied. “Sad is just a story that you are telling yourself about it.” I don’t think it’s just a story. Of course sadness is true. And that elicits the realization that everyone and everything I love is becoming lost to me, as I am becoming lost to everything in every moment. Everything becomes poignant. Moments of my life become more precious. Everything becomes more dear.

~Sylvia Boorstein


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