archetypal fireworks


because the world has you in it

the sun is safe in heaven

my heart will not revert to ice-age

psyche can perform her intricate

photosynthesis and the dark

will not engulf me

you’re on my side

as sunshine supports the cause of light

greet me with intelligent heart

as sunlight etches lines around

the ten thousand things

and so your love

assures me an uncontested right

an un-ambivalent place on earth

when I forget you the

fogs close in

but the axis you burned in me

remembers your alchemy

you’re my sun still my gravitational pull you

hold the particles in orbit

around you I turn.

~Jeni Couzyn

our collective memory has an archetypal hold on us in our histories……how will you shine your light with those in your heart?

inquiry for today~  in each celebration, call in to your heart all those that are repressed and lost without hope……

not so sure

The wounds in the world

are reflected within us.

Or- did those outer wounds

begin long ago

when we locked a part of ourselves


Who can say just where

the reclamation of the world


~Robert Bly

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