for all that is strange


It is the heart I am trying to awaken in an aesthetic response to the world. The anima mundi is simply not perceived if the organ of this perception remains unconscious by being conceived only as a physical pump or a personal chamber of feelings. Awakening the imaging, sensing heart cannot be accomplished without moving as well the seat of the soul from brain to heart.   ~James Hillman

you may know by now that most everything is not quite what it seems….it’s lighter and filled with the depth that spills from shadows……

inquiry for today~  may you know your own heart today…..

true patience

Because the phenomena upon which we focus our attention penetrate so deeply within us, we are deeply touched by the meanings that they embody. These meanings themselves have tremendous impacts on how we perceive ourselves and the living world within which we are embedded. The human organism naturally restructures itself around the meanings that are experienced. This forces us to do internal work to allow that restructuring to happen without twists, without bends. Thus encountered meaning reorients the human, entrains the human, to reflect that meaning.   ~Stephen Buhner

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