how to seek

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Thomas Berry has written that “we will go into the future as a single sacred society or perish on the way.” We must awaken to a sacred belonging. A great deal is at stake. If the evolutionary process, this great revelatory story about the origins of a person and all the creatures of the manifest world is not integrated with the insights and words, of the Sufi mystics and mystics around the world, then their words are in danger of seeming to be separate from our daily world and to discount and devalue the physical daily world and the great creative process that brought us all into being. The world becomes denuded of depth,subject to thoughtless, uncontrolled exploitation. The transformation long described by contemplative traditions but now lived in a new evolutionary context is a fresh invitation.   ~Mary Coelho

and how can we live to the roots without digging into fear?

inquiry for today~   dreams and potential and truth and despair…..yes, it’s all here…..

when you try to grow

Life keeps leading to more life.   ~Rumi



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