a finer truth

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Mother Earth is the mother of all buddhas and bodhisattvas. She is the mother of all saints and holy people. A white crane, a limpid creek, a cherry tree in blossom, a serene moonlit night, a mighty snow-capped peak- all bear witness to her splendor. Mother Earth has brought you to life and she is you. You are as beautiful as she is, because you are her. Your nature is her nature- the nature of no birth, no death, no coming, no going, no being, no non-being, no sameness, no otherness. You are the green willow, you are the yellow chrysanthemum, you are the red rose, you are the violet bamboo swaying in the wind. You are invited to come back to the now, and you will be in touch with her. You will find in this very moment everything that you have ever been looking for. The now embraces all the whens and all the might have beens.    ~Thich Nhat Hanh

when you have sifted down to the space between sleep and waking- from here you touch into your deepest longing…..

inquiry for today~   realize your commitment to listening and sensing is like a dream filled with promises……

this family of beings

Deep listening is more than hearing with our ears, but taking in what is revealed in any given moment with our body, our being, our heart.   ~Susan McHenry

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