the many walls & windows


Until we can relate to our own pain with kindness and acceptance, we’re more likely to defend ourselves against the pain of others. Or perhaps we do, in fact, engage with the pain of others, but are inclined to offer support out of a desire to receive validation to soothe our own pain. If we turn away from our own pain, we may find ourselves projecting this aversion onto others, seeing them as somehow inadequate for being in a troubled situation. And, paradoxically, when we truly allow ourselves to feel our own pain, over time it comes to seem less personal. We start to recognize that what we’ve perceived as our pain is, at a deeper level, the pain inherent in human existence. In fact, it is awareness of both our shared pain and our longing for happiness that links us to other people and helps us to turn toward them with compassion.    ~Sharon Salzberg

when we retreat into our own understanding, we uncover our elusive truth….

inquiry for today~   how do you recognize you own deep pain?

and so it seems


Light cannot be seen without shade.

Shade cannot be seen without light.

By moonlight, we see in black and white. We cannot see colors. There is something fascinating and valuable about seeing the world that way. We see only what is essential. We see form emerging from a sea of blackness. We can look at the world so familiar by daylight and see it anew in the black and white of moonlight. You see yin and yang. The day warms, the night cools. The sun moves over a hill, changing the face from brightness to shadow. Stand in the middle of a forest and whatch all the shadows and sunlight shift second by second. You see yin and yang.   ~Deng Ming-Dao

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