vastness of possibility

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Contemplative Psychotherapy is based on the view that all of us, not matter what our problems, are fundamentally awake and healthy. It is only in the present moment that we can experience our basic sanity. In contemplative approaches to therapy, counselors work with their clients to develop mindfulness- the ability to bring nonjudgmental attention to the details of our experience. Awareness is a larger sense than the close attentiveness of mindfulness. It is helpful for clients to learn to take a larger view. In addition, clients cultivate loving-kindness. Maitri refers to the unconditional lovingkindness that we can bring to all aspects of our experience. With maitri, we bring a warm heart and curiosity to whatever we are feeling, doing, and thinking.    ~Karen Kissel Wegela

freeing ourselves from worry elicits a lifetime of restlessness and a hurried need to be calm…

inquiry for today~   how do you discover the meaning of your life in your day- this day?

when the whole body breathes

Begin kindness practice with yourself. Most of us try to be kind to other people. Often, however, we don’t offer that same kindness to ourselves, and our inner voice is harshly self-critical. With this slogan, we begin to wire-in a new voice, actively directing kindness toward the unwanted parts of ourselves. May I accept myself the ways I am at this moment, without exception. Little by little, self-compassion can become our new default mental habit, and that naturally leads to compassion for all beings. We practice self-compassion not just for ourselves but also for everyone around us, embracing- as the bodhisattva Kwan Yin does- all of the cries of the world.   ~Therese Jacobs-Stewart

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