how we long for the open water of peace


Buddhist practice is all about stretching. What are we stretching our from? From our small-mindedness and self-absorption. To do so we need to engage in the world. But it is amazing how often we think we are out in the world interacting with others, while actually we are simply robotically acting our our preconceived internal storyline. Our vision is clouded and we can only take in what feeds into our plot line. There has to be a here to be a there, and a connection between the two. So the first step is to slow down and let your mind settle enough that you are able to drop from the heights of conceptuality back into your body, a simple form in space. Can you really feel present in your body as it is, right where you are? Now that you are more solidly somewhere, you can let yourself be more clearly sometime. When your thoughts drift from the past or the future, from memories and regrets to plans and dreams, you can gently bring yourself back to the present moment. Stay put in this particular place and time, just the way it is. Notice the quality of space within you and around you. With whatever arises in your perception, on an outer or inner level, notice the space in which both you and your perception rest. Explore what it is like to share this quality of space with whatever or whoever is there with you. Notice the power of accommodation, acceptance, and nonjudging. When you sense the arising of territoriality and fear, accommodate that too in greater spaciousness. The idea is that if you create the right atmosphere, compassion naturally arises. It is already present, just waiting for your invitation.    ~Judy Lief

there is no measure for the depth of ocean-soul…..

inquiry for today~   how deep is the true peace of happiness you seek?

the cool deep water

When you meet your suffering, your path become one of healing. However, it is only when you lean into your pain while holding yourself with tenderness that the wound itself can become a portal to transformation. With both compassion and mindfulness practice, your heart and mind can gradually soften and open to life. Through mindfulness meditation, you connect to the all-pervasive benevolent field, and with your practice of intention for the well-being of all, you connect to the world. As your wounded heart begins to heal with self-compassion, it naturally begins to fill with generosity and kindness. The boundaries of your self-preoccupation begin to loosen, and compassion for yourself widens to embrace compassion for all life.    ~Radhule Weininger.


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