poetics of a quiet dawning

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I want to take the long way home, through a quiet city with no thoughts of time or place or day or night. A hand to hold to keep me warm and small words of comfort, walking slowly in the dark. I want to lie on empty streets and ask questions that only appear on empty streets in the middle of the night. I want to go to far-off places where people rarely go, sip red wine with the view of open fields and some old blues record playing softly from a distance. I want to wake up earl to the smell of freshly brewed coffee on a Sunday morning with someone beautiful to share it with. I want to take trains to nowhere and spend afternoons in old bookshops- those rare finds with one single owner who took over the shop after his great-great grandfather who opened it and knew the name of every single author, book, and customer. I want to learn about old writers and poets, how they lived, if they loved, and if they found out why they lived that way. And I want to ask them, if they got a second chance, what would they change? What would they do differently? What would they keep?   ~Charlotte Eriksson

remember the feelings and then sing the song from the heart….words find you there….

inquiry for today~   maybe this day is so special, only a poem will honor your calling……be with this and sip longingly……

This poem
belongs to you
and is already finished,

it was begun
years ago
and I put it away

knowing it would come
into the world
in its own time.

In fact
you have already
read it,
and closing the pages
of the book,

you are now
abandoning the projects
of the day and putting
on your shoes and coat
to take a walk.

It has been long years
since you felt like this.

You have remembered
what we all remember,
when we first begin to write.

~David Whyte


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