space to be free


Our spiritual practice body grows from our buddha body. Spiritual practice is the art of knowing how to generate happiness and handle suffering, just as a gardener knows how to make good use of mud in order to grow lotus flowers. It is the art of stopping and looking deeply to gain deeper insight. It is very concrete. We cultivate our spiritual practice body- which we can also call our Dharma body- by cultivating the seeds of awakening and mindfulness in our daily life. The more solid our spiritual body becomes, the happier we will be and the more we are able to help those around us be happier and suffer less. We all need a spiritual dimension in our life.    ~Thich Nhat Hanh

to nourish your call to peaceful release….

inquiry for today~   can you free yourself by honoring the courage of touching peace?

sacred actions

This freedom is here for you as well. You can begin personally, with freedom of spirit, freedom to start over, freedom beyond fear, and freedom to start over, freedom beyond fear, and freedom to be yourself, and then discover freedom to love, freedom to stand up for what matters, and freedom to be happy. Finding freedom is an active process that engages your intellect, your heart, and your whole spirit. The means and the goal are one- be yourself, dream, trust , and act. You can choose your spirit. Freedom, love, and joy are yours, in your very life, your exact circumstance. They are your birthright.     ~Jack Kornfield


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