how to sway like a warm breeze

3-Pics for Blog Edits498

Today, again, I remembered that joy is in moments and not possessions. Tomorrow will be filled with bills to pay and schedules to keep, but today I held tight to my closest priorities, to little people and big ideas. Today, or maybe yesterday, the world whispered that change will once again be upon us. So today I breathed deeply into the moments that promised to stand still. The moments that begged of me to stop and take notice. Today, I both let go and held on tight.     ~Kelly Bay

have you ever sat under the stars and wondered why you were wistful?

inquiry for today~   curl up in a sunny space and watch the day come alive……then move toward evening with the breeze and the birds and the lazy stars drifting in….

how you hold your longing

The perfect summer night. Sitting outside on a warm night, just before a storm rolls in. The wind starts to pick up and you can smell the rain in the air. There’s something so peaceful about listening to the distant rumble of thunder, and watching flashes of lightning that light up the night sky.     ~Bree Moore

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