your life is magical


Whenever I find that I cannot understand the world as I feel I ought to- or whenever I find that I do- but wish that I didn’t, I decide that I want to escape, and always return to the same place. Italian philosopher Umberto Eco once said, “To survive, you must tell stories.” I believe him, because every time life chooses to become overbearing, as life inordinately does, I return to the story of Neverland, and I let it nourish my soul as only a dose of agelessness and fairy dust can. J.M. Barrie, in his genius, recognized our need to be free- to exist in a place where time stands still and the currency of “happy thoughts” is all it costs to fly. Life tends to be slightly more complicated. We grow up and overwhelm ourselves with tasks that force us to adopt the adult behaviors we swore we’d never succumb to. When did you stop flying/ When did I? I find it hard to believe that I would give myself permission to do so, and yet here I am- so grounded. A servant to my schedule, I find that play and pretend often seem so very far away. To live with Neverland, to nourish our souls with glimpses of the second star, or first love, fair dust, and waking dreams- that is to live life to the fullest extent of our imaginations.   ~Elle Harris

when we drift away from our day-to-day into a dreamland of rich exploration, we begin to live wild and deep….

inquiry for today~   how have you forgotten your tiny dreams? how can you sit wild today?

sprinkle the magic dust

The desire to know your soul will end all other desires.    ~Rumi

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