your light. your moon.


I am spellbound by the miracle of light: the style with which it leaps, plays, highlights, flashes. The way the summer sun glints on a placid pond replenishes my being and ignites my imagination. Dandelions gone to seed shimmer like a sea of orbs. Life is luminous. There is proof everywhere, just waiting to be seen. Even in periods of darkness and despair, we are surrounded by opportunities to experience radiance. Magic is free. Beholding the dew at sunrise, sitting near a sparkling creek, and stargazing on a clear evening are all opportunities to take it in. Magic is also freeing. When we allow our bodies to absorb the brilliance in our midst, our spirits rise. Our cells swell with glimmers of happiness. Light lifts us up.

~Jennifer DeVille Catalano

when the dark night comes and your eyes find the light, then, and only then, you will glow with the radiance of the heart…..

inquiry for today~   step into the moonshine this week……soak up the tiny beams…..

light in the wild

In the glare of neon times,
Let our eyes not be worn
By surfaces that shine
With hunger made attractive.

That our thoughts may be true light,
Finding their way into words
Which have the weight of shadow
To hold the layers of truth.

That we never place our trust
In minds claimed by empty light,
Where one-sided certainties
Are driven by false desire.

When we look into the heart,
May our eyes have the kindness
And reverence of candlelight.

That the searching of our minds
Be equal to the oblique
Crevices and corners where
The mystery continues to dwell,
glimmering in fugitive light.

~John O’Donohue



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