the practice of return


When we have cleared a space for the presence of Silence to enter into whatever we are doing, we feel the presence of grace in our lives. When we have gotten to the point of feeling the desire of Silence and can call to heart that feeling when we are about to begin our day and our work, we feel graced. Grace is the permeation of our soul with divine love. It feels as if we are accompanied by a radiance, and in the midst of such radiance we radiate a glow. The presence of the grace of Silence is diffuse, soft, and yet brilliant. When we are graced, it is impossible to hold onto its presence for ourselves, for the nature of being graced is to grace others.  The power of grace unblocks whatever is blocked.     ~Robert Sardello

when grace leaves us even for an instant, we enter a shadowed and deep pit of mist….

inquiry for today~    when you ease into a gracious space when you least expect it, sit a little while longer….

to enter the world

Developing a practice of return can help us regain clarity. One way to return to what matters is to put all the urgency of a situation, with all its difficult decisions and impending implications, on an imaginary shelf, to be looked at later. Then, without the weight of your situation, you can simply see and feel where you are. In time, your direct connection to unscripted life will be renewed. Yet sometimes it’s only through extended stillness or exhaustion that we finally stop and go clear like water. When quiet and still, we rediscover that regardless of where we search, life is never somewhere else. Instead of making progress from here to there, we’re asked to penetrate the layers that cover what matters in any moment, so we can inhabit what is vital. This is how we find our place.     ~Mark Nepo

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