wake up & practice

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In our corner of the universe, we don’t get many answers; mostly we hear our own questions, and the echoed questions of our ancestors, reverberating through time. Spiritually speaking, when you send out your deepest questions- like sound waves going forth into the universe- the mountains in your own mind act as the “obstructing surface.” The same you that calls out the questions sends them right back. Hazrat Inayat Khan’s poem describes this predicament:

Why, what are you?

I am the cry of the hungry mind.

Why, what do you signify?

I am the knocker on a closed door.

Why, what do you represent?

The owl which cannot see during the day.

Why, what is your complaint?

The irritation of the mind.

Why, what is your life condition?

I am shut up in a dark room.

Why, how long will your captivity last?

All night long.

Why, what are you so eagerly waiting for?

the day-break.

Why, you are yourself the cover over the answer you want.

Sometimes the spiritual quest feels like knocking, knocking, knocking on a closed door; like a volley of questions bouncing off the walls of our own limited capacity to reach beyond ourselves.    ~Elizabeth Lesser

these tiny mysteries have startling similarities to the big worries of each day….

inquiry for today~   design a riddle that describes a situation in your life- one without easy answers…..

where riddles live

To people who cherish the letter above the spirit, koans appear bewildering, for in their phrasing koans deliberately throw sand into the eyes of the intellect to force us to open our Mind’s eye and see the world and everything in it undistorted by our concepts and judgments. Koans are used, breaking asunder the mind of ignorance and opening the eye of truth. By wheedling the intellect into attempting solutions impossible for it, koans reveal to us the inherent limitations of the logical mind as an instrument for realizing ultimate Truth.     ~Philip Kapleau

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