find the deeper question


Pilgrims are persons in motion- passing through territories

not their own-

seeking something we might call completion

or perhaps the word clarity will do as well,

a goal to which only the spirit’s compass points the way.

~Richard Niebuhr

no matter how prepared you are to be the seeker throughout your life,  you will need to lean in to mercy….

inquiry for today~   look from above the gritty moments, and whisper a new hope…..

don’t fall in the trap

His presence was deeper than the well. My spirit was refreshed by his words, I had not noticed how parched it had become. Yes, I still have to do my daily chores and the sun still beats down relentlessly, but that experience remains like a spring of clear water gushing forth inside me- is this what he meant by living water?

~Felicity Collins

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